Top Birthday Cake Recipes

By on November 27, 2011

Birthday cake… Who doesn’t want to celebrate birthday by cutting a cake. There are many varieties of cakes to select. So, most often many people get confused in selecting the correct cake for their birthday.

Why to always go for a shop and purchase a cake for your birthday, let’s try preparing a cake at home. It can be wonderful. Here are some of most delicious varieties of birthday cakes, which you can prepare at home.

Red Velvet Birthday Cake

Yummy.., this is first word that comes into mind when we think of red velvet cake. This cake will be a wonderful option for a birthday cake. This is generally, brownish red or dark red in color. In general, this is prepared as vanilla, or chocolate layered cake. This reddish color to the cake comes from the reaction of cocoa with buttermilk, which are used as ingredients in the preparation. Here is a video that will help in preparing red velvet cake in your home.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

This birthday cake is delicious layered cake filled with chocolate and raspberry jam, which can easily impress your guests easily. Guests just cannot resist this cake. The combination of chocolate and raspberry is so wonderful that, you just feel like these two flavors are made for each other. The following video helps you in preparing this delicious birthday cake at home.

Strawberry Cake

This is one of common varieties of cakes used for birthday. It is very delicious and doesn’t even take much time for preparation. Your guests will just say wow by this strawberry birthday cake. Adding fresh or frozen strawberries and strawberry jelly in the preparation will the strawberry cake even more delicious. Let’s see how to prepare strawberry birthday cake at home with the help of the following video.

Vanilla Cake

This is one excellent old fashioned birthday cake. This is a yummy moist and soft cake, which your guests will surely love to have. The preparation of this cake is also very simple. The video below will help you in preparing the easy vanilla cake at home.

White Birthday Cake

White cake is very soft, and light. This is one perfect and classic variant of Birthday cake. This is one of the delicious cakes and it even takes very less time for preparation. The specialty of this cake is that only egg whites excluding the yolks are used in preparation to maintain the white color. In simple words, you can describe this cake as vanilla cake without egg yolk. Here is a video which helps you in preparing white cake at home.

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