Rocket Shaped Chocolate Cake Recipe

By on February 17, 2016

This is an exciting little recipe to create a rocket themed cake – the ideal surprise for kids, perfect for a birthday cake, based on a simple chocolate sponge!



Template: Download Rocket Template Here


  • Packet of flavoured laces
  • Packet of Skittles

Buttercream icing

Step 1

Get your oven nice and hot, fan ovens should be set to (180°C/160°C). Grease a cake pan – preferably one that is nice and deep,  7cm deep with a 23cm base is perfect. For best results, use a square pan.

Step 2

Make your cake mixture (use a recipe such as this one). Place your mixture into the greased pan that you prepared earlier.

Step 3

Start making the icing. If available use an electric mixer to give the butter a beating until it fades in colour. Little by little you should add the icing sugar and milk to the mixture, continuing to beat all the while.

Step 4

Once the cakes are baked make sure they have a good level surface – if required, you can cheat a little by using a bread knife! Place the rocket template, provided by Rocket Bingo onto the cake. Secure it in place using cocktail sticks. Use a sharp knife to gently cut around the template – be careful not to chop of your rocket fins!

Step 5

Use a ladle to place around half a cup of your icing into a bowl. Add the red food colouring. You should then tint the remainder grey.

Step 6

Use the picture as a guide and ice your cake as neatly as possible! The sweets can be used as decoration for final effect!

This recipe was sent in by the team at Rocket Bingo, thumbs up to them for creating a cake template themed like their bingo site mascot!

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